• *KABLOOM!* at the Hole

    *KABLOOM!* at the Hole

    Caroline Larsen
    The Hole NYC
    321 Bowery Street
    New York

    June 11 - July 24, 2016

    OPENING: Saturday, June 11th from 5-8PM

    The Hole is proud to announce a solo exhibition of paintings by Caroline Larsen. In oil paintings that experiment with icing-thick and even woven paint application, she explores flowers and plants, car crashes and mountain ranges as her subjects.

    Dispensing paint through a pastry tube with varying nibs, Larsen is able to line, layer and weave colors together, sometimes blending them within the same extrusion. This technique can produce a variety of effects, from 8-bitish pointillism in the weaves to a sort of jewel-like sculptural relief in the plants, or a tessellated warping mesh grid in the hybrid works. The pieces are composed either in a wonky top-down, left-to-right layeing or a block by block patterning that is more articulated outlines and paint-by-numbers.

    Depending on the work the splorts of paint she lays down either sort of follow the shape of what they depict or confuse it. The grasses are hatched with lines in a direction that conforms to their structure, for example, while in a mountain range the overall paint weave collapses dimensionality and flattens the landscape. All works are extremely dense, the car crashes an impermeable thicket of paint, the floral works an airtight jungle. The succulents and fruits share the waxy impermeable exteriors of their referents in real life, the car fires understandably unapproachable, but perhaps it is their very tactility that makes them so enticing. It's hard to see thick oil paint and not want to sink your teeth into it, or is that just me? It's hard to smell dense oil paintings and not be jazzed; here is the material we painters love, and lots of it!

    Their craftiness and kitchiness adds a layer of complication; the technique feels so lovingly homespun, so why did the artist spin a scene of fiery destruction for us? Is the appeal of a flaming box truck abstract or sincere? Over-articulated edges and hypersaturated colors make the paintings of flora hectic, psychedelic. The mountains are so crazy colored they look on fire with sunset, a postcard injected with saccharine; is it beautiful or beautified? As with the concurrent exhibition by Adam Parker Smith in Gallery 3, the viewer is asked to question their own notions of beauty and the real and the fake.

    Caroline Larsen was born in Canada and studied at the University of Waterloo there, the University of Auckland in New Zealand, and got her MFA with honors at Pratt in 2015. She has exhibited widely in Canada with solo exhibitions at General Hardware, also in Tel Aviv and currently has a solo show of fruits and foliage at Wave Hill Public Gardens in the Bronx. Many people encountered her work in the 2016 Spring Break Art Show while I saw it first in the house of painter Anders Oinonen and Suzy Oliveira in Toronto.

  • Please join me on December 11, 2014 for the opening of Palm Flora at Mulherin Gallery, 124 Forysth St, New York, New York

  • Graudate Studies

    I have moved from Toronto to Brooklyn to attend Pratt Institute for my M.F.A!

  • ART ATTACK Buddies in Bad Times

    I am very thankful to be included in this years ARTATTACK!. Auto Fire will be auctioned on Tuesday November 7th, 2013.

    The most outrageous auction of the season is back. Buddiesí signature fundraising event offers a remarkable line-up of contemporary art by Canadaís hottest artists, along with an exciting array of design, entertainment and travel packages ñ all in support of Buddies in Bad Times Theatre. This year’s event is hosted by cabaret sensation Shawn Hitchins, and features a collection of visual art curated by Chris Ironside, Derek Sullivan, Lauchie Reid, Meera Margaret Singh, and Winnie Truong and the return of Keith Cole‘s wildly popular Rock Hudson Memorial Tuck Shop.

  • Art With Heart

    I am so happy that Rainbow Mountain has been selected to be part of the 20th annual Art with Heart Auction, a fundraiser for Casey House.

    Twenty-five years ago, people living with HIV/AIDS were commonly cut off from their communities of support, from friends and loved ones, because of stigma and ill-informed fear. From the start, Casey House was different.

    When the first resident was brought to Casey House in March 1988, our receptionist marched past the ambulance attendants in their protective gear, reached down to the man on the stretcher, and welcomed him with an embrace. “Welcome to Casey House,” she famously said. “I think you’re going to like it here.”

    And so began the story of Casey House – a story of love and compassion, of a community bringing hope and healing into the lives of people living with HIV/AIDS.

    It’s a story that continues today, thanks to you. Thank you for your love and support. Please bid generously.

  • Art Spin

    I am so happy to be included in the 4th annual Art Spin.

    Opening Reception Thursday August 29th, 7pm - 1am
    Exhibition runs August 30th - September 1st
    Hours are 12-7pm Friday and Saturday, 12-5pm Sunday
    Artists include:
    Vuk Dragojevic • Martie Giefert • Mary Grisey • John Haney & Carey Jernigan• Markus Heckmann • Layne Hinton • Caroline Larsen• Celia Neubauer • Kal Mansur • Noel Middleton • John Oswald • Geoffrey Pugen • Lois Schklar • Jennifer Rose Sciarrino • Michael Toke • Elinor Whidden • Jinny Yu
    Art performances by Rui Amaral (created by Derek Liddington) and by Johannes Zits. Large-scale outdoor projections by Dave Colangelo and Patricio Davila. Live music for the night by Program.

  • Skipping Stones

    Some of my newer paintings will be included in General Hardware's Summer Show Skipping Stones. The show opens on Thursday July 11.

  • Graduate Studies

    I am happy to report that I will start working on my MFA in the fall at Pratt!

  • Colart Collection Purchase

    Red Sky has been added to the Colart Collection located in Quebec

    OPENING MARCH 20, 2013
    1520 QUEEN ST WEST

  • Up Coming Solo Exhibition

    Fire Drive opens at Skew Gallery on September 6th, 2012

  • Upcoming Group Exhibition

    "Day On Fire: Apocalypse in Contemporary Art"

    August 20 to September 14, 2012 at the Slocumb Galleries, Foundation Art Video Gallery at the Campus Center and Tipton Gallery

    Artists Lecture: September 11, Tuesday, 6 p.m. at the Ball Hall Auditorium,

    reception follows at Slocumb Galleries

    First Friday reception: September 7, 6 to 8 p.m. at Tipton Gallery

    Sponsored by the Department of Art & Design and the Mary B. Martin School of the Arts

    The Department of Art & Design at East Tennessee State University IS PLEASED TO PRESENT "DAY ON FIRE: APOCALYPSE IN CONTEMPORARY ART" featuring work that directly or indirectly relates to the subject of apocalypse and takes a wide-angle perspective to the theme such as visions of the end of the world, aftermath, nuclear winter, localized images of collapse, upheaval of thought, and post-apocalyptic depictions. The end of times has been a preoccupation with artists for centuries – this exhibition expressly planned for 2012 frames this theme at the doorstep of the Mayan and Nostradamus "Dooms Day" prophecies.

    Juried and curated by the ETSU Department of Art & Design Visiting Artists and Gallery Committee: Mira Gerard (Chair), Andrew Scott Ross, Joshua Greer, Chase Westfall, and Ralph Slatton

  • Clothing Brand Experiment Limited addition artists Ts

    Clothing Brand Experiment!
    With only 30 ever made, pick up yours today!

  • BLOGS!

  • Ontario Arts Emerging Artist Grant

    I would like to thank the OAC for there generous support.
    The Ontario Arts Council is an agency of the Government of Canada.

  • Ontario Arts Council Exhibition Assistance Grant

    I would like to thank the OAC for there generous support.
    The Ontario Arts Council is an agency of the Government of Canada.

  • P.A.N.A.M.A R.E.N.A Blog Love

  • Beautiful Decay

  • ANGELL GALLERY is pleased to present "P.A.N.A.M.A. R.E.N.A.,” the premiere solo exhibition by artist Caroline Larsen. The exhibition will be on display in the Project Room from March 31st to April 28th, 2012. An opening reception will be held on Saturday March 31st from 1:00-4:00pm.

    Mixing a pixilated kind of neo-impressionist pointillism with the idea of textile weaving, Caroline Larsen’s paintings are beautifully simple and yet hard to figure out. Her technique with oil paint is so expertly peculiar her viewer can be tempted to spend their time simply trying to figure out how she does it; this however, is a mistake, because her technique, impressive as it is, is fused to her subject matter in an inseparable way. Although her work balances formal interests with subjective ones, she invests fully in her imagery, culling series from her lived experience and most tenacious memories. Her current exhibition at Angell Gallery, P.A.N.A.M.A. R.E.N.A., records a strange and menacing number of massive cargo ships, seen by the artist on her travels, notably in the Panama Canal. Reduced by her painting to pattern, surface and color but sacrificing little in terms of ability to reference the world (with all of its implications of economic and environmental issues), these works are finally, simply of transportation machines hugely beyond our human scale. What they are about is the way those things affect us when we confront them.

    Great, dark, somewhat fearful objects, Larsen’s ships negotiate a kind of truce with their ‘container’ paintings; leaving the ships their sense of grandeur, her technique slips a playful, even somewhat anthropomorphic sensitivity into their shapes, and their movement. They slide through their environments, massive yet controlled by the painter, impressive yet cute without ever devolving into kitsch fetishes, always freeing themselves again from the picture plane they have become imprisoned in. Mingling memory and aversion with desire and visual intensity, Larsen’s work provides an invitation to experience something most of us rely on yet never see; the human-made Leviathans of the sea, the giant whales of capitalism’s control of the earth’s oceans.

    Caroline Larsen is a visual artist based in Toronto. She received her BFA (2004) from the University of Waterloo, and her Post-Graduate Diploma in Visual Art and Art History Education (2006) from the University of Auckland, New Zealand. Featured in NOW Magazine, the Waterloo Chronicle, Beautiful Decay, Fresh Bread and Artist A Day, she has exhibited her paintings across Canada.

  • MERGE an annual exhibition of emerging artists @ AGO!

    MERGE an annual exhibition of emerging artists

    March 8th to April 13th 2012
    Opening Reception: Thursday, March 8,
    6 – 8 pm
    artists in attendance
    AGO Art Rental + Sales Gallery, 481 University Ave.

    An annual exhibition featuring gallery represented and independent artists, this show presents some brilliant young talent in the field of visual arts in the Toronto area.

    Artist include:
    •Andrew B. Myers
    •Nathalie Thibault
    •Derek Wong
    Caroline Larsen
    •Steve Driscoll
    •Morgan Criger

  • Cake Walk is currently on display at Dupont Projects
    Show runs from January 20 to the 24th!
    Check out some press from the show

  • Artist A Day December 16th! I am the Artist of the Day on Artist A Day

  • Magnets!

    You can pick by limited edition Artist Magnets at the following locations!

    NO SHOW EXHIBITIONS – 1082 Queen Street West, Toronto, ON
    CLOTHING BRAND EXPERIMENT – Pop Up Shop 1052 Queen Street West, Toronto, ON
    O’BORN CONTEMPORARY - 131 Ossington Avenue Toronto, ON (Holiday Multiples Fair)

  • Blog Love

  • Fresh Bread


    I am pleased to announce that my paintings are featured on Beautiful Decay

  • Summer Group Show

    ANGELL GALLERY is pleased to present our annual “Summer Group Show,” curated by Gareth Brown-Jowett, featuring the works of artists Philippe Blanchard, Esther Choi, Thrush Holmes, Daniel Hutchinson, Brendan George Ko, Caroline Larsen, and Andrew Myers. The exhibition will be on display in the West Gallery from Saturday July 23rd to Saturday, August 20th, 2011. An opening reception will be held on Saturday, July 23rd from 1 – 4pm.

    Surprise is a major element in determining what we enjoy, what edifies us, and what stays with us in art. Both formally and thematically, it is the challenge of artists in our time – especially within our image-soaked culture – to challenge their audience. The basic problem is, how to make works that speak with an individual tone of voice, and surprise their audience into the shock of recognition and pleasure that always accompanies our confronting something original. In this summer group show, the gallery has arrayed a group of challenging young artists across our space, arranging them into patterns and configurations that broadly juxtapose. But they all have one thing in common: employing technique or imagery (or both) in ways that give delight by displaying characteristics that genuinely do surprise. These works boldly declare themselves, infused with summer’s brash energy and warmth, in a variety of media.

    From Daniel Hutchinson’s panoramic black monochrome, reminiscent of minimal and geometric abstraction but in fact representative of Stratford Ontario’s Festival Theatre, to Caroline Larsen’s psychedelic blanket-like patterns in oil paint; to Andrew Myer’s witty, conceptually charged provocations; to Brendan George Ko’s inscrutable re-mixes of photographic portraits and still lives, the artists in this show, both in their own right and installed next to each other on the walls of Angell Gallery, all generate a unique and engaging conversation with the viewer. Many surprises are in store.

  • theSHOW.11

    July 08 - August 27, 2011
    FRIDAY, JULY 8 at 7 pm

    Cambridge Galleries Queen’s Square
    1 North Square, Cambridge, ON N1S 2K6
    theSHOW.11 is a renewed fourth installment of the biannual exhibition at Cambridge Galleries dedicated to promoting the work of emerging Ontario artists making contemporary artwork in a variety of media.


    Elinor Whidden – Toronto
    Dustin Wenzel – Toronto
    Ryan Park – Toronto
    Christine Negus – London
    Caroline Larsen – Unionville
    Justin A. Langlois – Windsor
    Heidi Jahnke – Waterloo
    Josh Cleminson – Guelph
    Andrea Carvalho – Uxbridge
    Jaime Angelopoulos – Toronto

    We’ve changed some things this year by moving the dates and expanding the scope of the exhibition.

    Cambridge Galleries is looking for artists who have been exhibiting professionally for less than 3 years or have recently completed their BFA, MFA or equivalent.

    This year’s exhibition will take place over the summer months at Cambridge Galleries’ Queen’s Square location.

  • Works Available at Angell Gallery

    I am happy to announce that my paintings can be viewed in person and are available at Angell Gallery

  • The Cheaper Show June 25th, 2011 - Vancouver

    Three of my paintings will be @ the The Cheaper Show this June!
    If your in Vancouver come and check it out!

  • Up Coming Shows

    I pleased to announce two upcoming exhibitions:
    A two person show with Mary Wong at the ATG @ 38 Abell Street, Toronto, Ontario
    Show dates March 22ed to April 3ed

    Solo show of my basketweaved paintings at the Jane Bond in Waterloo, Ontario
    Show dates March 26th to April 26th
    Jane Bond

  • Toronto Artist Council Grant

    I am super pleased to announce that I have received an Emerging Artist Grant from the Toronto Artist Council.

  • Mercer Union Members Sale!!!

    Check out Reclining Banana at the Mercer Union Members Sale!


    Members' Exhibition & Sale
    7-11 December 2010
    Closing Party & Sale: Saturday 11 December 2010 at 5PM
    Mercer Union again delivers its big gift to artist members and small collectors in this year's ALL INCLUSIVE rendition of our annual member's show & sale – the perfect artist-run getaway from the holiday madness. Nothing but fun-in-the-sun quality works, all priced at $169.99.

    First-come, first-served sale begins at 5 PM, Saturday 11 December. The earlier you join the line, the better your chances of getting that perfect holiday package you've been dreaming about! Support programming and exhibitions at Mercer Union by buying your own little ray of sunshine.

    Cash, cheque and VISA accepted for payments. We will wrap the work for you and you can take it away same day!

    Basil Alzeri, Anahita Azrahimi, Katie Bethune-Leamen, Tammi Campbell, Jenal Dolson, Andrew Duff, Danica Evering, Gillian Foster, James Gardner, Lauren Hall, David FM Hanes, Malbry Hazlett, Lee Henderson, Shari Kasman, Matt Killen, Caroline Larsen, Mary Porter, Marie-Lyne Quirion, Kerri Reid, Erwin Rummel, Miles Stemp, Derek Sullivan, Aislinn Thomas, Jessica Vallentin, Jennifer Wardle, Donna Willard, Julita Wolanska, and more…

    MERCER UNION A Centre For Contemporary Art
    1286 Bloor Street West
    Toronto Ontario M6H 1N9 (Canada)
    email info (at) mercerunion.org
    tel 416.536.1519 fax 416.536.2955
    Hours: 11am - 6pm, Tuesday - Saturday (Closed Sunday & Monday)

  • Mondern Fuel Artist Run Centre's Artist Playing Cards

    Painting (either Hexagon on Brown or Big Red) will be featured in Modern Fuels Artist Run Centre’s Artist Deck of Playing Cards


    We are very excited about the Art Cards we are producing as our main fundraiser this year, they will be unveiled November 26th at a launch party. We received overwhelming community support for the cards and had almost three times the number of image submissions as spaces on cards. It is wonderful to have so much enthusiasm for the project however it unfortunately also means that we were unable to give every application a spot in the deck. We thank you all for submitting images.

    The following artits were selected for the deck:
    Simon Andrew, Tim Atkinson, Sylvat Aziz, Sean Cartwright, Emilija Cooke, Shayne Dark, Ben Darrah, John Devlin, Christine Dewancker,Nancy Douglas, Suki Falkner, Joanne Gervais, Dave Gordon, Rachel Hazel, Wendy Huot, Mary Lou Jaansalu, Rick Lapointe, Caroline Larsen, Gillian Little, Denise Love, James MacDonald, Don Maynard, Pat McDermott, Kate McKinnon, Kevin Merritt, Sean Morris, Leah Murray, Juan Ortiz-Apuy, JoAnn Ralph, Evelyn Rapin, Chantal Rousseau, Talie Shalmon, Laurie Sponagle, Krista Stares, Rielly Stares, Jan Swaren, Harry Symons, Cecily-Jane Taylor, Mark Thompson, Sharon Thompson, Catherine Toews, Claire Wenngren, J.T. Winik, Sharlena Wood, Anna Elmberg Wright,and Kate Yüksel

    The Kingston Artist Card Decks are $15 each. They make an ideal holiday gift!